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So is time to celebrate! We got a new box of toys with the new release of Java! This is also a Long-Term-Support release which means that's usually a "good one" to jump into! Switch Expressions! Helpful Nullpointers, Sealed Classes... there is a TON that's new

And we got the best Doctor in town to walk us through all of them. We're of course talking about Stuart Marks! (AKA Dr. Deprecator). We cover most of the important features from 11 to 17 (there's a ton that was left out, so keep following the links to know more!)
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Language Features

Pattern Matching for instanceof

Switch Expressions

Sealed Classes

Text Blocks

Debugging Features

Helpful NullPointerExceptions

Performance Features

New Garbage Collectors (Shenandoah, ZGC)

Unix-Domain Socket Channels

Deprecation & Platform evolution

Remove the Nashorn JavaScript Engine (Plug Graal!)

Deprecate the Security Manager for Removal and Applets

Strongly Encapsulate JDK Internals

Warnings for Value-Based Classes

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