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Episode 27. There's a Log File in the folder in the middle of the App ----

(Sing to the children's song There's a hole in the middle of the sea)
Logging is part of everyday production debugging life. If you ever had to troubleshoot a production application, the you most likely have looked at log files. These log files can either be a salvation, or an inmense source of frustration. In this podcast we delve into the different logging frameworks, and more importantly, what to log and not to log (and how to log it).

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Tweet, Tweet! (!/fguime) Java Logging Framework

SLF4J (The facade framework


Java Logging API

The linux utilities for windows! (Cygwin)

Grep! Grep grepping grep!

More Grep

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Hey! if you like what you hear, treat me a beer! (It's the Java pub house after all :)

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