Java Pub House (Optimization)

So you're programming along when suddenly support calls and says that the application just "disappeared", or, the server process is not there anymore, both of them leaving you with a file. You have just witnessed the murder of a Java Virtual Machine, and now is your turn to figure out what happen, and what can we do to prevent such senseless crashes. We cover the main reasons for crashes (most likely not your fault), and best of all, ways around it! So put on your detective hat and let's solve the mysteries surrounding JVM Crashes once and for all!

Hey! if you like what you hear, treat me a beer! (It's the Java pub house after all :)

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Most JVM Options
Troubleshooting tips
.hotspot_compiler to stop compilation of methods
More JVM Options (-Xint to disable JIT compiling)

Java 7 recipes book made it to the Java Magazine!

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