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Lambdas... You have heard about it, it's like those celebrities that are everywhere (Tom Selleck). Well, is time to go and actually meet the great start. In this episode, me (Freddy) and Bob go deep into Lambdas, what they really are (are they magical?) and why would you want to use them. So Join in and let's listen to the most awaited feature of Java 8!

(And yes, the title is a reference to the "Revenge of the Nerds", how appropiate isn't it :)

Oracle Lambda Tutorial

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And we are ramping up again! This is an exciting time to be developing in Java. With the advent of Java 8, lambdas, streams, Jigzaw and the Internet of Things, we are coming back big! In this episode we introduce our co-host Bob Paulin, and offer a glimpse of Java 8, Jigsaw, Streams, and OSGI Standard.

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