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So while Java is the "main" language of the JVM, it is by no means the "only" language. And one of the purely functional programming languages is getting a new facelift!

Scala has been going through a revamp on the syntax and the features, and if you ever run into a scala user you know how passionate they are about their language! (hint: they love it!)

So while we might be working in Java projects most of our time, it is a good time to revisit that developer toolbox and learn when and where to use it. And if anything else, having a dip into a fully functional programming language teaches any budding developer how to see things differently!

So maybe Scala is "not" the language you want to program all your new projects, but understanding its strengs, its thinking (and with Scala 3) and its purpose, it makes it for a very sharp tool to have at the ready when you really need to tackle that Data Sciency / Functional Programming problem.

In addition, we bring one of the biggest names in the Scala Community to walk us through it all @DeanWampler ( has been working with Scala since the early days and has just published his new O'Reilly book Programming Scala ( So what are you waiting for, add a new tool to your toolbox with Scala 3.0!
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Programming Scala (Dean Wampler)

New In Scala 3

Scala 3 Features

A look at inline

Safer Pattern Matching with Matchable

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