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So we had a previous episode where we show a party trick with GraalVM, where we saw how to create a Native Image. It was really the "hello world" of Native image creation, so Bob decided that's not good enough!

In this epidose we dive a little deeper on how to actually run your Restful Web service (or other app) natively, going through the exercise of debugging GraalVM builds including adding Maven plugins, finding out how to quelch the different reflection errors and how to deal with resources (and those pesky JNI / so libs).

In all, this is more of actually a practical use of GraalVM, not just a "it can do it", but more, how is it done. So want ludicruos startup speed and performance? then press play and listen!
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GraalVM Native Image Options

Maven GraalVM Native Image Plugin

Apache HttpComponents

GraalVM Resources

Build Configuration

GraalVM Example Code

GraalVM Native Image InvalidAlgorithmParameterException


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