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It's that Streaming-new-deal that has been taken over the web world, Reactive! You've heard about it, and maybe even tried to learn it a couple of times but find it confusing? Well, be confused no more since on this episode Bob and I explore the basic foundations of Reactive (and explain what is that makes is so confusing to begin with)

But that's not all. We also dive on why is such a "hot" technology and why is the recommended approach on new microservices, even so, we also explore its drawbacks and why we shouldn't rip everything apart to make "reactive" things.

Lastly we start exploring one of the "reactive" frameworks with Spring WebFlux, and explore how to "think" about Reactive (and came with the marble track analogy). In all, this episode will shed light on a topic that has been hard to understand, but on which, if done correctly can bring a very large performance gain!

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