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So the internet is all raging about this (not so little) framework that is doing it all. Created with a "cloud-first" mentality, @Micronautfw is aiming to be your next Spring Boot! And, oh gosh, how easy they are making it.

We dive into what makes Micronaut such a darling of the internet right now (not using reflection, GraalVM ready, better memory consumption) and see how much "stuff" is in there (the TLDR; A Lot). We go from creating a microservice, to looking at the different already-implemented features like circuit breakers, properties/profiles, beans, support for lambdas, micrometer, reactive programming, and all. While it might not have "everything" that Spring does, the reality is that it's pretty solid.

Would you consider Micronaut for your next project? The answer is maybe (and for some cases, maybe Yes). So come, and take a listen to the underdog framework (Micronaut) that's stepping up to definitively take the reigning Champ (Spring)

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