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So you may have thought about using NoSQL or a Document Database for taking care of you needs. But do you know why that might be not be a good (or a pretty bad idea?). Or you may have a Database that have been running fine, but it seems that you can't work with it anymore? (Is it time to move to NoSql? Would it help?).

We dive into the "Why" would you choose Databases vs NoSQL Data Stores, or when to ditch your MongoDB and actually come back to MySQL. In our current time of "WebScale" and "CloudReady" we get bombarded by choices! (Mongo, Dynamo, MariaDB, ElasticSearch) and while some of the offerings are great, it might not mean that is the Right choice for what we need to store.

So take a listen as we explore normalization and the strength and weaknesses of relational data vs unstructured data.

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