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Big shout-out to everyone I met at JavaOne (including some avid podcast listeners!). Thanks for listening and for a great time down at JavaOne! Don't worry, we will be sharing all the stuff I learned on new episodes of the podcast.

It is also our Birthday (We have been airing episodes for a year!)! Happy to celebrate with everyone a year of the podcast (and if you want to celebrate it, treat me a beer! :) ).

With this episode we wrap the concept of generics and bounds (super / extends) and talk about type erasure (and compiler warnings that goes 'Hm, dunno what you're doing but I can't make sure it's right'

And, that!

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and IF you like what you hear, treat me a beer!

Beer of the Episode: Still hung-over from JavaOne's big concert (Go Pearl Jam!)

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Oracle Java Generics (what we're following on this podcast)
Dr Venkat presentation on Generics (Click on the "Media" at the right side for the presentation, a great presentation
Agile Developer (Dr Venkat's Must-check website and blog
Angelika Langer FAQ on Generics

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