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Episode 28. Extra! Extra! JMS Delivering Messages to your App! Extra! Extra! ----

Java Message Service (or JMS for short) is a collection of APIs and implementations that allows you to send "messages" across your applcation. But why is it so popular?, and what exactly is it trying to solve (what is a message anyways)? In this episode, we take our bycicle, and trace the delivery route of JMS to figure out the good, and avoid some JMS potholes along the way, making for a smooth message delivery experience!

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Enterprise Integration Patterns

Intro to JMS Concepts

Apache ActiveMQ

ActiveMQ Language Clients (ActionScript, Ajax, C, C++, C#, .Net, Delphi, Erlang, Flash, Haskell, Javascript, Perl, PHP, Pike, Python, Ruby, Smalltalk, Websockets)


JMS Description and Implementation

Embed ActiveMQ Broker in code

JMS Tutorial

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Hey! if you like what you hear, treat me a beer! (It's the Java pub house after all :)

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