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Yeah! so we have been working with the cloud for a while, terms like K8s, EC2, Route53, BlobData, CLI has been swinged around... and is a little mysterious, and sometimes looks like a black box where you just click buttons, add things, type commands, until it finally something good happens. But if something bad happens, we tend not to have the slightest idea on why!

Never fear, on this episode of PubHouse we start from the very beginning on describing (And dismantling) what the "Cloud" really is... Starting on how we got there, what are the different "components" of most clouds, and how to reason about them.

This way, the next time something unpredictable happens, you will know exactly where to start troubleshooting and how to navigate this space! This is the first episode of a series (probably a series of 2) on Cloud technologies. So if you never been exposed to the cloud and you're curious, or even if you've been working on it but everything sounds mysterious, then dive in!

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Intro to AWS

What is Elastic Load Balancing

What is Amazon Route 53

EC2 vs ECS vs Lambda

Intro to Azure Fundamentals

Azure Containter Registry

Azure Compute

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